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DSpeech, a free TTS (text to speech) application with language of ASR (automatic speech recognition) embedded. It read aloud text from any file and transcribes it. It has a very sophisticated grammar engine that can detect any kind of error in the input text. To speak intelligibly, it uses a dictionary of synonyms and other relevant words and phrases. As you can guess, it sounds like an automated translator. When used for a personal communication, it could be used as an aid in making personal communications easier, as you can use it to read your email, telephone messages from friends and family. Or you could use it in writing your articles, essays, and memos.

DSpeech is compatible with all operating systems. You can download it free of cost and install it on your personal computer. It also comes with an application software that can translate incoming documents into a number of languages, allowing the recipient to understand them easily. It is compatible with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint format. You can set up a profile in DSpeech and download your chosen language as a language. In case of downloading an application, it will automatically update the dictionary to the new one and display the pronunciation accordingly. A tutorial helps you in understanding how to use the features.

DSpeech works by detecting your voice and transcribing the text into spoken words. It is compatible with Windows 98, XP, Vista and Mac OS X. The main features of DSpeech include the ability to browse, create, add, edit and delete files, create and edit calendars, edit excel spreadsheets, create and modify Word documents, create and edit Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and much more. Some of the other features include the capability of creating, deleting and moving multiple windows and the capability of saving files in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats.

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